When You Should Brush Your Teeth With A Rolly Brush

Should you use a Rolly brush every day? I know some who do - the owner of the company for one! There is certainly nothing wrong with using one every day and we would be ecstatic if you did that, however, nothing beats the traditional toothbrush - not ever a Rolly - when you are at home.

So, when is using the Rolly brush a good idea? Any time you are not at home and using your toothbrush and toothpaste isn't possible while traveling would be one good example. At any point in your trip, after you have eaten and you would like to clean your teeth, just pop a Rolly in your mouth and roll it around with your tongue. Thirty to sixty seconds later, the job is done. Clean teeth and fresh breath in an instant!

On most vehicles, whether it is a plane, train, or bus, people are usually very close. Not a lot of room to distance yourself if you are afraid your breath may smell bad! You never know who you will meet during your trip, so having fresh breath and clean teeth is always a good idea. and if you are not the one with the bad breath, it is a good way to introduce this new product to a fellow traveler!

So, whether you are traveling near of far, a Rolly brush can go a long way to ensuring you are at your best - in the oral hygiene department anyway!



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