Roll Away Tooth Decay...with Rolly!

Toting around mints and toothpicks when you’re on the road and can’t brush your teeth, is a poor substitute for brushing. Toss away the breath mints and toothpicks! The innovative Rolly mini toothbrush offers an effective, alternative to the standard-sized toothbrush and you don’t even need toothpaste or water to use it!

Rolly in Waikiki

Now you can power up your smile when you’re traveling, after eating lunch in your office, or anywhere that standard sized toothbrushes aren’t readily available. Rolly is the mini toothbrush with maximum tooth cleaning power!

This innovative mini—but mighty—disposable toothbrush is designed with 276 soft bristles, to make food and plaque removal as gentle and effective as possible. In fact, Rolly’s small size makes it incredibly efficient at removing decay causing plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Rolly is actually much more than just a portable toothbrush. Rolly freshens your breath with a pleasant mint flavor and contains fluoride and Xylitol to strength teeth and inhibit the dental plaque that causes cavities. Everything you need to brush your teeth is contained in the brush!

Now you can reduce or eliminate costly dental bills by cleaning your teeth at times and in places when it’s difficult to use your usual toothbrush— thanks to disposable, portable Rolly! 

Rolly is the mini “tooth spa” that travels with you!


  • Contains fluoride and Xylitol to strength teeth
  • Leaves a fresh mint flavor in your mouth
  • Portable and Disposible
  • Unique patented design
  • Cleans teeth without toothpaste or water

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