Halloween: To "Candy" or Not to "Candy"

Halloween Candy for Rolly Brush

Whenever I hear adults say they can hand out Halloween candy and not partake, I have to think there is something wrong with them. Seriously wrong. I apologize, in advance, to all those healthy, paragons of self-control, but I find it near impossible to keep my hand out of the candy jar at any time of year, let alone the one time the candy is so prevalent. And really, are you telling me there is not one time you indulged?

So, you hand out candy to all the little kiddies, and some not so little, whether you agree with it or not, because, well, isn't that what Halloween is all about, really? And, after all, they are not your kids. You don't have to deal with the aftermath.

Here's the thing. Yes, you have to give candy or you get a reputation, but that Rolly Brush Cowgirldoesn't mean you only have to give candy. Maybe a candy and a wet wipe, or a candy and a vitamin gummy, or a candy and a toothbrush! Come on, you knew the toothbrush was coming. This is a toothbrush site/blog.

The Rolly brush is small enough to be a Halloween give-away. Pair it with a mini chocolate bar and you won't hear many complaints, and you are doing your part on both sides of the fence! Just remember, this doesn't apply to the littlest kiddies. They are too young for a Rolly, and besides, they still deserve to experience the unparalleled joy of unlimited candy. Better still, any adult parties you attend, pass around some Rolly brushes. It can only make things better - freshen some breaths out there, at the very least!

As an alternative to the age-old Halloween dilemma on whether to "candy" or not to "candy", it might not be the best answer, but as an accompaniment to the most likely scenario, Rolly brush just might be your best bet. 

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