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Halloween: To "Candy" or Not to "Candy"

Whenever I hear adults say they can hand out Halloween candy and not partake, I have to think there is something wrong with them. Seriously wrong. I apologize, in advance, to all those healthy, paragons of self-control, but I find it near impossible to keep my hand out of the candy jar at any time of year, let alone the one time the candy is so prevalent. And really, are you telling me there is not one time you indulged?
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When You Should Brush Your Teeth With A Rolly Brush

Should you use a Rolly brush every day? I know some who do - the owner of the company for one! There is certainly nothing wrong with using one every day and we would be ecstatic if you did that, however, nothing beats the traditional toothbrush - not ever a Rolly - when you are at home.
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