What is a Rolly Brush?

Rolly Brushes are a unique “all-in-one” toothbrush and breath freshener, designed by dentists. Rolly requires no water, no toothpaste, no mirror, and no washroom.

Was the Rolly brush designed to substitute the toothbrush?

No. The Rolly brush was designed to assure you good oral hygiene when you are not at home or it is not possible or convenient to use a toothbrush.

Is Rolly a safe product?

Yes of course. Studies proved that in case of swallowing, Rolly brush would not cause any damage or shock to the digestive system.

What are Rolly’s made from?

The main ingredients in the Rolly brush are:
    Mint flavor to freshen your breath
    Fluoride to make your teeth stronger, and
    Xylitol to inhibit dental plaque and cavities.
    Rolly is made of a kind of plastic which is suitable for food and not toxic bought from one of the world’s biggest producers.

Where and how is Rolly produced?

Rolly is produced and packed in Italian specialised industries, following strict hygienic rules. The kind of packaging used is the same as the pharmacy industry and this makes it much safer and hygienic.

Is the Rolly brush a safe product for children?

Despite being a safe product, we recommend the Rolly brush not be used by children under the age of 7.